Miniatura di una lettera su bianco girale

Miniatura realizzata a guache su disegno dell’illustratrice Tiziana Gironi.

Illumination realized in guache on illustrator Tiziana Gironi’s drawing.

Hyacinthus orientalis

Beautiful Hyacinthus orientalis by Neelima.
Her blog is very useful to all people that like to draw nature: She is very talent drawer!

Watercolors of Nature. Aquarellbilder.


Hyacinthus orientalis

Watercolor on Arches 300 gsm paper

Painting Size: 26 * 35 cm  

Common Name: Dutch Hyacinth, Common Hyacinth

Scientific Name: Hyacinthus orientalis

Spiritual meaning: Pride of Beauty (likes to show itself and be admired)

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Iris germanica e Gerbera – acquerelli/ watercolours

foto 348

La passione per l’illustrazione botanica..

I miei acquerelli di una gerbera 1:1 e lo sbocciare e il morire di iris

The passion for the botanical illustration..

My water-colors of a gerbera 1:1 and the to bud and the to die of an iris.